Our two-year olds are at an age which their awareness and curiosity of the surrounding world leads to developing advanced motor skills, communication skills, and a greater interest in creative play. Such age-appropriate milestones form the basis of our Twos program.

Our Twos Classrooms

Our Twos classroom is set up to promote independence and freedom of choice for the children. We encourage play-based learning through many different learning centers, including:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Block Area
  • Art/Creative Expression
  • Sensory Table
  • Cozy Corner
  • Table Toys
  • Large, carpeted areas for group time, music, and movement experiences

Children are encouraged to make props with their friends and teachers to add to their learning centers that align with their curriculum studies. Children can practice self-help and personal care skills with child size furniture, sinks, and toilets.



Our Twos curriculum is geared towards older toddlers’ natural curiosity to make things happen. Throughout our fun, play-based curriculum studies, our teachers work to help children develop an understanding of the world around them through hands-on experiences including cognitive skills such as problem solving and the understanding of cause and effect.

The curriculum also promotes both large muscle (full body) and small muscle (hands) development, social skills, and creative expression through the processes of art, building, and music. Children are encouraged to use language to express their needs and emotions, however, they are also exposed to American Sign Language to allow for non-verbal communication. We have chosen twenty core signs to begin their experience with. The sign language component of our curriculum teaches our older toddlers new vocabulary words and signs pertaining to each curriculum theme.


Using American Sign Language with Toddlers:

  • Hastens speech development
  • Enables children to communicate their wants and needs effectively
  • Lowers frustration levels
  • Improves child and teacher bonding
  • Helps children remember words because there is muscle memory involved, and the more senses involved in learning, the greater memory retention the child will have
  • Improves attentiveness to social gestures of others as well as themselves
  • You can learn more about our American Sign Language Program

Potty Training

Another focus in our Twos program is toilet training. Teachers encourage children to sit and attempt to use the toilet during regular diaper changing times. We recognize that each child participates in and completes the toilet training process at different paces and ages so a child will never be forced to sit on the toilet. All attempts and successes at using the toilet are logged into our daily reporting app, allowing families to keep track of their child’s progress.