FAQs & Resources

Center & General Information

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation vary per center. To see the hours of operation in the center you're interested in, please search for that location and look through their profile page.

Are you open year-round?

Yes, we are open the whole year through excluding weekends and statutory holidays.

Do you have a summer program?

Yes, we run a year-round program and also offer summer programs for school-aged children in those centers that have before and after-school programs. Anyone can participate in our summer programming, and your child does not need to be a current student to register.

I don't see fees posted on your website. How much does it cost?

Our fees vary by center and age due to a variety of reasons. You can learn more about tuition by enquiring online here.

Do you allow and accommodate for part-time care?

Busy Bees realizes that schedules can vary by household and the need for full-time childcare doesn't exist in all circumstances. We do offer part-time care for our families on a 2 or 3 days per week basis in order to accommodate those circumstances. Please enquire about your center of choice here regarding the availability of part-time care.

Do you allow and accommodate for half-day care?

We understand that schedules can vary by household and that the need for full-time child care doesn't exist in all circumstances. We do offer half-day care for our families in order to accommodate those circumstances. Please enquire about your center of choice here regarding the availability of half-day care.

What happens if the center I'm interested in is full?

We will provide you with the next available opening at the center of your choice. Alternatively, you may also be able to attend a different center while you wait for a spot to open at your chosen one.

Child Care

Does my child need to be toilet trained in order to attend your center?

This is a very common question, and the answer is no! We help our families by assisting in the toilet training process.

Will my child nap while in your care? And if yes, what are the sleeping conditions?

To ensure consistency between home and child care, infants follow their own individual nap schedules provided by their families. When ready, our teachers will work with families to transition their infants to one nap time per day in readiness for their move to the toddler program.

Each child in our toddler and preschool programs is provided with an individual cot for their rest period of up to two hours, and they are permitted to sleep, rest, or engage in quiet activities based on their individual needs while ensuring that sleep patterns at home are not disrupted.

What is your policy on discipline and child guidance?

We follow a positive child guidance model that includes recognizing why a child behaves in a certain way and encouraging children to regulate their own behaviour by giving them choices. When necessary, children are given time away from the situation to reflect on their behaviour and consider more appropriate responses with the support of their teacher.

Do your centers offer transportation for my child to and from elementary school?

Many of our centers offer before and after school care for children up to the age of 12. At many of these centers, transportation by bus or van is offered.


Are meals provided in your centers and is the food nutritious?

Nutrition is one of the cornerstone values of what Busy Bees offers our children and their families. The majority of our centers offer a full meal plan, including snacks and a hot lunch. A small number of centers may not be equipped to have the full meal program, however, they will provide a morning and afternoon snack. To see the food offerings at the center you're interested in, please search for that location and look through their profile page.

Our menu has been certified by a Registered Dietician and boasts meals made in-house and prepared daily. 

Is your facility peanut free?

Yes. We neither use peanuts in our meal preparation nor allow children to bring snacks containing peanuts into our centers.

Can you accommodate my child's food allergies?

Yes, we can. We can work within the menu and nutritional guidelines to come to an alternative meal plan to allow your child to still eat - and eat healthy - while at our center.


What are the staff qualifications?

Almost all of our preschool and many of our toddler/infant teachers hold four-year degrees in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a related field or have a Head Teacher Certification. Of those that do not, many are actively engaged in ECE classes through our tuition reimbursement program. All of our staff participate in continuing education and are certified in First Aid & CPR.

How many years have the staff been in the centers? Do you have much turnover?

We believe that our turnover is significantly below the industry average. We attempt to provide our staff with the highest pay levels and benefits that can be found in the private sector. Almost all of our Lead Teachers have been with us for more than three years, and most have been with us for much, much longer than that!

What kind of background checks do you do on your staff?

All new staff is required to submit fingerprints to state licensing for a criminal background check. In addition, we require and check references.

Financial Aid

Do your centers accept payments from subsidy programs?

All of our centers allow for subsidy payments through state and federal programs for help with childcare expenses.  You must apply to the program itself, rather than through the center.